BOVENAU - Hydraulic Jacks and Equipments.

30 years of experience. A story built with seriousness, strenght and talent which consolidated Bovenau leader in sales and in supplying hydraulic jacks and garage equipments in South America; besides, it supplies 90% of the OEM hydraulic jacks to the medium and heavy duty vehicle makers in these markets. Bovenau exports its products to over 30 countries in 5 continents. Its quality, professionalism and innovation are recognized worldwide, which made Bovenau the largest manufacturer of hydraulic jacks in the Western World.

Bovenau Group also include trademark Riosul Tools, specialized in Professionals Tools for a variety of needs. In addition, it has a special line of High Pressure Cylinder and Pumps, focused on serving the most diverse applications of lifting and maintenance to general industry, building sector, naval, mining, among others.


BOVENAU equipment is manufactured by highly qualified workers, who are updated with the latest hydraulics technology and its manufacturing processes, being submitted to a rigorous analysis process, where it is checked for proper functionality, durability and safety in order to assure BOVENAU quality standard.

BOVENAU does also maintain wide network of sales representatives in all of the Brazilian market, and a strategic partnership with the largest automotive parts and hardware & tooling distributors.


The technological excellence of BOVENAU products is confirmed not only by the preference of the large vehicle makers. It is also guaranteed by means of recognition by the main certification entities.