With an Environmental Management System certified since 2000 (ISO 14001), Bovenau is producing positive effects, reversing environmental impacts of its activities in a healthy environment and quality for future generations.

For Bovenau, environmental care is a matter of principles and ethics. It is part of the philosophy of the brand since its beginning and is continuously strengthened and encouraged at all levels, from employees, suppliers, customers, sales representatives and technical assistants.

Through its environmental policy, Bovenau provides that care for the environment is one of its fundamental values. Our environmental programs aimed at continuous improvement, technical development and efficient use of resources, thus contributing to sustainable development.

Pollution prevention is a fundamental requirement in all our activities, considering compliance with environmental legislation as a minimum standard to be met.

The Bovenau has a restoration project and replacement vegetation in permanent preservation areas (APP) riparian forest.

You can do your part for a better environment, contributing in their daily activities so that these objectives are achieved. Give the appropriate destination of waste generated in their workplace. Avoid material waste.