Mechanical Steel Jack: MUC5000 – 5t

•Product designed to lift heavy machinery and structures with reduced effort.
•It contains toes to facilitate lifting of loads with difficult access.
•The upper head also serves as elevation base.

Technical information

Capacidade 5 t
A (mm) 717
B (mm) 150×170
C (mm) 185
D (mm) 63
E (mm) 368
F (mm) 353
G (mm) 1020
Peso 29,5 kg

Mechanical Steel Jack: MUC10000 – 10t

Technical information

Capacidade 4 t
A (mm) 680
B (mm) 1335
C (mm) 60
D (mm) 420
E (mm) 430
F (mm) 740
G (mm) 200
H (mm) 85
I (mm) 200
Peso 32,5 kg
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